Automated Parking Shows Growth

PARKPLUS has shown resilience during another year of global turmoil, supply chain issues and economic challenges, with fully automated systems showing the strongest growth in the high-density parking system sector.

Automated parking systems maximize a development’s return on investment with a reduced parking footprint and better building flow, for more revenue generating space. Construction costs and schedules, and operational overheads, are reduced through implementation of the robotic systems, which include multiple improvements in a project’s safety, security and sustainability. These benefits have accelerated the adoption of automated robotic parking systems in the United States.


This trend is demonstrated by the recent completion of four new fully automated parking systems in Manhattan, all with technology made in the USA, the PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking system. All 4 projects are for luxury condominiums and bring the total number of PARKPLUS Automated Parking projects in New York to thirteen.

PARKPLUS headquarters is a 66,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility in New Jersey, within the greater New York City metro, with full-service engineering, manufacturing, installation and service teams. AGV automated parking components are manufactured in-house at the New Jersey facility. The entire AGV device is manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards in the USA.

AGV Automated Parking

The PARKPLUS AGV’s unique design has revolutionized high-density vehicle storage & retrieval systems, transformed the parking experience and provided efficient, sustainable and cost-effective parking solutions.


In Boston, a number of new semi-automated parking projects made progress and were contracted, spearheaded by a fully automated parking system for renowned developers Holland Companies at The Factory on Wareham, a 6-story mixed-use development in the South Boston. The Factory’s parking is provided by a subterranean automated parking system from PARKPLUS. The 69-space Rack & Rail grid system provides regular parking configuration using programmable logic controller software and simple, robust technology, with fixed-rail robotic shuttle units, traffic management software, limit switches and lasers managing the automated storage and retrieval of vehicles. Factors driving the automated parking system design included recent regulations limiting new above-grade parking structures in Boston, and efforts to limit street parking in certain areas. The system also returned revenue generating square footage back to the developer by reducing the square feet per vehicle from 450 sf to 170 sf.


In 2021 PARKPLUS was contracted for the world’s largest and tallest AGV Automated Parking system, with new generation robotic AGV technology providing automated parking for Brickell House in Miami. PARKPLUS was selected to replace an automated parking system, over 400 automated parking spaces on 13 floors, that was closed due to major issues. The Brickell House parking system will provide 411 parking places with 80 spaces for electric vehicle chargers, an integrated smartphone app to manage the storage and retrieval of vehicles, with ‘position in queue’ and ‘vehicle ready’ push notifications to users. Residents will be able to issue visitor passes through the app and electric-vehicle integration will enable the managing of electric-vehicle charging. As autonomous vehicle technology continues to advance, the PARKPLUS system is enabled for future autonomous vehicle integration.

Brickell House Automated Parking System

Yaidyt Hernandez of Brickell House Condominium Association stated, “When selecting PARKPLUS, we looked at experience in the market, the type of technology and the capacity offering. We wanted no structural changes, with similar capacity to the original garage and reasonable long-term costs.’


PARKPLUS Florida is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Dania Beach. The office employs a full-service team and has installed dozens of projects in the region, including Muse Rack & Rail and Paramount AGV, both global flagship projects for automated parking systems.


In Los Angeles, work continues to progress on Arts District Center in Los Angeles, a mixed-use development project offering a 113-room Arts District Hotel with 129 live/work condominiums, including a Residency program for young artists and curators led by Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Commercial space includes a public art plaza, and art event space. Technology plays an integral role in the project, which will be equipped with a subterranean 265-space PARKPLUS Rack and Rail Automated Parking system, including the first ever integration with autonomous vehicle technology.

Arts District Center Automated Parking

The Arts District Center automated parking system comprises fixed-rail robotic shuttle units, traffic management software, limit switches and lasers to manage the automated storage and retrieval of vehicles.


In 2021, PARKPLUS was contracted for another 2 fully automated and 4 semi-automated parking projects in California, demonstrating the accelerated demand on the West Coast. PARKPLUS California in Los Angeles has pioneered high-density parking systems on the West Coast, with dozens more projects installed in the region.

PARKPLUS is the leading provider of Automated and Mechanical Stacked Parking Systems. Established in Queens, New York in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs & services multi-level mechanical parking lift car stackers and automated robotic parking garages throughout the United States.