PARKPLUS California Completes 100th Project

PARKPLUS California has completed its 100th car stacker project and in doing so, has made its mark on the Los Angeles skyline. The client, Felix Chevrolet, is an auto dealership in downtown Los Angeles that was opened by Winslow Felix, an automobile pioneer, in 1921. Felix was a friend of Pat Sullivan, who’s animation studio created the mischievous feline character, Felix the Cat, and so the character was borrowed. Today a large, illuminated Felix stands over this iconic downtown dealership that has been serving Los Angeles for over 100 years.

Footage taken during the 2023 installation.

Parking Lifts Provide Rooftop Storage For 120 Cars

Unique in design, the Felix Chevrolet project was an installation of thirty quad stackers on the roof of the dealership, doubling as storage and a display opportunity that many dealerships across the country are recognizing. Quad Stackers are a mechanical parking system of four level lifts that store cars vertically. The stacker lifts vehicles on nested platforms between shared common legs, so that additional cars can be parked below. Upon completion and due to its magnitude, the project has changed the skyline of downtown Los Angeles.

PARKPLUS Quad Stackers for Auto Dealership Inventory Storage

Credit: Felix Chevrolet

Turnkey Parking Solutions

As a PARKPLUS standard, the California office provides a complete turnkey solution, with in-house architectural and engineering expertise specializing in complex integration into a design-build environment. PARKPLUS California is a California-licensed general contractor, performing project installation and maintenance services.


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