More Boston Projects Choose Automated Parking Systems

With Boston on pace for record commercial real estate investment in 2020, largely driven by medium-density housing requirements, more Boston developers are installing high-density automated parking systems for their projects. As the use of stacked and automated parking increases in the United States, the benefits of these systems are becoming more widely known. These benefits include reduced parking footprints, construction costs, construction schedules and operating costs.

Boulevard on the Greenway Automated Parking System

The Boulevard Condos is a 12-story luxury condominium on The Greenway, in Boston. The building is equipped with 48-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking system on 4 subterranean floors.

PARKPLUS AGV transferring vehicles to the vehicle lift or VRC (Vehicle Reciprocating Conveyor).

The Factory Automated Parking System

The Factory at 46 Wareham is a 6-story mixed use development under construction in the South End, Boston. The building will be equipped with a 71-space PARKPLUS Rack & Rail Automated Parking system on the ground and basement levels.

Automated Parking at The Factory, 46 Wareham, Boston

The Factory at 46 Wareham in the SOWA District of Boston’s South End will consist of 18 Luxury Condos, 2 floors of office space and ground level retail, and space for an art gallery.


Soldiers Field Semi-Automated Parking

1550 and 21 Soldiers Field are multi-family residential developments equipped with 2-High PARKPLUS Semi-Automated Lift-Slide Parking Systems, with a combined total of 67 parking spaces.

Both projects are with Dellbrook JKS, a formidable general contractor in the Boston market. The projects have chosen PARKPLUS parking solutions due to the company’s presence and experience in the Boston market. Construction begins in late 2020.

Soldiers Field Semi-Automated Parking

287 Maverick Street Semi-Automated Parking

287 Maverick St is a mixed use development equipped with a 28-Space PARKPLUS Lift-Slide 2-High Puzzle Parking System. PARKPLUS signed with Alaris Construction to install the semi-automated parking system in conjunction with traditional parking for the neighboring property. This project has an accelerated project start that PARKPLUS was able to meet and exceed, with an expected installation date of 2020.

30 Penniman Road Semi-Automated Parking

30 Penniman Rd is a multi-family residential development in Allston, equipped with PARKPLUS 2-High 1-Deep Lift-Slide Puzzle Parking System. PARKPLUS has designed a 3-level solution with 2 levels above grade and one below grade, offering a total of 38 automated spaces. The contract was competitively won through strong relationships, the ability to meet demanding schedules, and offering superior solutions with creative designs.

30 Penniman Road

The PARKPLUS Semi-Automated Lift-Slide Puzzle Parking system is a multi-level customizable solution for storing cars in vertical and horizontal arrays. The hybrid stacking system consists of a self-supporting structural framework, that can be building-integrated, and independent platforms for self-park storage and retrieval.

PARKPLUS has laid the groundwork to have fully automated parking systems approved in the Boston market and is the first company to design and install these systems in the city.

A spokesperson for PARKPLUS stated “we are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for stacked and automated parking solutions in dense urban environments, with additional traction in smaller ancillary markets. Boston is a major US market and faces on and off-street parking challenges, further compounded by the evolving parking and transportation environment. PARKPLUS offers solutions for these challenges. As downtown areas densify, our industry and technology has evolved and adapted to help Architects and Developers design cost-effective projects using automated parking systems, while considerably minimizing the parking footprint. Boston has embraced our parking solution technology and we see our industry becoming very mainstream, as it is in other US high density urban metros”.

PARKPLUS is a leading provider of Automated and Mechanical Stacked Parking Systems. Established in New York City in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs, & services multi-level mechanical car stackers and automated parking garages throughout the United States.