PARKPLUS has completed an installation of over 200 DP003 Double Stackers at a prestigious auto dealership in Boston. This is the largest Double Stacker installation by PARKPLUS in Boston, and one of the largest in the city. The parking lifts were installed on multiple levels to provide substantially increased inventory storage capacity for the flagship dealership. This continues the trend seen across the country: auto dealerships installing car stackers for cost-effective solutions to increase on and off-site service and inventory storage capacity.

PARKPLUS double stackers Boston auto dealership

The dealership’s use of PARKPLUS double stackers doubled the vehicle storage capacity of the four-story, nearly 200,000-square-foot building on a tight urban site.



The PARKPLUS DP003 Double Stacker raises vehicles on cantilevered platforms between shared common legs, for additional parking below. The robust commercial design with height and width flexibility, and unique safety customizations, is approved in multiple US Cities.


Auto Dealership Solutions

PARKPLUS has installed thousands of stackers across the United States, and dozens of projects for auto dealerships in the United States and Canada, from vehicle storage to custom display solutions. PARKPLUS has worked with all major vehicle brands and auto groups to provide storage solutions, on or off-site service and inventory storage, and bespoke vehicle display platforms to showcase cars. PARKPLUS has worked with BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Harley Davidson, Honda, Jeep, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz (See Manhattan video and Palo Alto article), Mini, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen dealerships and dealership groups across the country.

Manhattan Triple Stackers

PARKPLUS Triple Stackers installed in an auto dealership in Manhattan.


Boston Adopts High Density Parking Technology

More Boston developers are installing high-density automated and mechanical parking systems in their projects. As the use of stacked and automated parking increases in the United States, the benefits of these systems are becoming more widely known. These benefits include reduced parking footprints, construction costs, construction schedules and operating costs. PARKPLUS has laid the groundwork to have fully automated parking systems approved in the Boston market and is the first company to design and install these systems in the city, along with over 30 more automated and mechanical parking systems.

Transfer Aisle of Automated Parking System

PARKPLUS has installed dozens of systems in Boston, including this underground automated parking system with tandem, 2-deep parking spaces for maximum parking efficiency. Factors driving the parking system design included recent regulations limiting new above grade parking structures in Boston, and efforts to limit street parking in certain areas.


More US Metros Choose Automated and Mechanical Parking

PARKPLUS has seen a dramatic increase in demand for stacked and automated parking solutions in dense urban environments, with additional traction in smaller ancillary markets. Boston is a major US market and faces on and off-street parking challenges, further compounded by the evolving parking and transportation environment. PARKPLUS offers solutions for these challenges. As downtown areas densify, the industry and technology has evolved and adapted to help Architects and Developers design cost-effective projects using automated and mechanical parking systems, while considerably minimizing the parking footprint. Boston has embraced automated and mechanical parking solution technology and the industry is becoming very mainstream, as it is in other US high density urban metros.

PARKPLUS is a leading provider of Automated and Mechanical Stacked Parking Systems. Established in New York City in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs, & services multi-level mechanical car stackers and automated parking garages throughout the United States.