The Lux Apartments’ Cutting-Edge Automated Parking Solution

As the demand for robotic valet parking systems in the United States has intensified, with developers and users continuing to enjoy the substantial benefits provided by automated parking, PARKPLUS provides the latest in automated robotic parking technology in Madison and across the country.

The Lux Apartments

The Lux Apartments is a 12-story apartment building in Madison, Wisconsin, located minutes away from the University of Wisconsin and within walking distance to all of downtown Madison, including the Capitol Square, State Street, Kohl Center and Overture Center, 10 minutes away from the Library Mall quad, and only half a mile away from the Memorial Library. The Lux is a premier off-campus student housing partner, with community amenities like a rooftop swimming pool, coffee bar, movie theater, and Skydeck, well suited to student life.

Automated Parking vehicle rotating on robotic shuttle

Automated Parking. Vehicle rotating on PARKPLUS robotic shuttle.

Automated Parking Technology

The building is equipped with a 120-space PARKPLUS Rack & Rail Automated Parking System on 2 subterranean levels. The system features the latest, state-of-the-art PARKPLUS Parktronic technology.

The Automated Parking System consists of fixed-rail robotic shuttle units using a comb-exchange mechanism, traffic management software, limit switches and lasers to manage the automated storage and retrieval of vehicles. The system provides regular grid parking configuration using programmable logic controller software and robust technology. The system is remote-monitored 24/7 and is Electric Vehicle-compatible, in line with the emerging trend towards electric vehicle adoption that is prevalent in automated parking systems. The PARKPLUS Command Center provides remote monitoring with technicians on call 24/7. Live streaming and recorded video footage ensures immediate remote monitoring surveillance in order to provide professional assistance when necessary.


Watch a Video of the Automated Parking System on YouTube


PARKPLUS robotic shuttle for automated parking system.

The PARKPLUS automated parking system’s robotic shuttles move at a traveling speed of 6 feet per second.


The new PARKPLUS Parktronic robotic shuttle with a compact design and smaller footprint is a primary component of the system, and demonstrates significant advances in automated parking technology. The multifunctional shuttle uses conductive power and wireless communication to rotate and move laterally simultaneously, at a traveling speed of 6 feet per second.

The automated parking system has a freestanding steel structure design, which allows this type of system to be retrofitted into existing buildings.

PARKPLUS automated robotic parking system loading bays and kiosks.

PARKPLUS automated robotic parking system loading bays and kiosks.

User Experience

The PARKPLUS Automated Parking loading bay areas include informational displays and system-status indicator lights to indicate the state of operations. Once inside the loading bay, guidance displays guide the driver to correctly align the vehicle. After the driver parks and exits the vehicle and loading bay, the storage sequence is activated at the kiosk outside the loading bay. A waiting room adjacent to the garage entrance area includes additional kiosks and display screens and provides direct access to the Lux’s lobby for convenience.

The parking system’s integrated smartphone App provides the option of convenient touchless requests for managing parking of vehicles. Users can schedule the retrieval of their vehicle and check the queue status.