High-Density Parking Systems Have Arrived in Seattle

Seattle ranked in the top 20 cities across the world for the greatest amounts of direct commercial real estate investment in 2019. This burgeoning growth is also seeing an increase in the amount of high-density parking systems installed in new buildings in the Seattle metropolitan area, from mechanical stacker car lifts, to semi-automated lift-slide puzzle parking systems, and fully automated parking systems.

High-density parking systems are a growing feature of new developments in major urban metros across the United States, reducing parking footprints, construction costs, construction schedules, and operating costs, and giving back valuable space for development.

The SPIRE Automated Parking System

The SPIRE, a luxury residential tower in downtown Seattle, is equipped with a subterranean 350-space rack and rail automated parking system, the first in Seattle. PARKPLUS, who designed and installed the tallest system of its kind in Florida last year, a 28-level colossus parking 208 cars, is consulting on the project.

The PARKPLUS Rack & Rail Automated Parking System at Muse Residences is the tallest system of its kind in the world.

“PARKPLUS has installed several rack and rail projects in the US going back to 2008, and hundred of high-density parking projects during our 50 years in business. The SPIRE’s parking system uses the same technology as our Muse project in Florida. The unique site, small and triangular, posed a challenge to accommodate the required parking for the building. The rack and rail system meets that challenge with a reduced parking footprint, and gives back additional space for higher yielding development” says Paul Bates, Group President at PARKPLUS. “Our experience designing and installing automated systems gave us the insight to consult on this project, to ensure a successful installation.”

Olympic Tower Semi-Automated Parking

Olympic Tower is a 21-story Senior Living development by Transforming Age in First Hill, Seattle. The glass-clad tower will provide panoramic views for its residents from floor-to-ceiling windows. The popular site for retirement communities provides walkability to activities and healthcare facilities, and Olympic Tower’s amenities include terraces, a dog run, a resident salon, spa, dining area, and a 240-seat auditorium.

Olympic Tower Automated Parking, Seattle

The building will be equipped with a 76-parking space, 4-level high PARKPLUS Lift-Slide Automated Parking system, also known as a Puzzle Parking system. The 23rd such system by PARKPLUS is a cost-effective hybrid solution for self-park or attended automated parking. The Olympic Tower system will be attended, providing valet parking services for its residents.

Porch + Park Semi-Automated Parking

Porch + Park is a Mixed Use development in Redmond equipped with the same technology, a 56-Space, 4-high PARKPLUS Lift-Slide Automated Parking System. The project is adjacent to the new downtown City Park and includes 85 residential units and 7,500 sf of ground floor retail space.

Avenue Bellevue Stacked Parking

Avenue Bellevue is a mixed use development by Fortress Group, including a hotel, condos and luxury apartments with two retail podiums. The development is equipped with a 453-space hybrid parking system consisting of PARKPLUS Suspended Platforms, and Double and Triple Stacker Car Lifts.

Avenue Bellevue is equipped with a Mechanical Stacker Car Lift Parking system

“50 years of experience and hundreds of projects give us unparalleled scope and multiple proofs of concept in what is still a developing industry in the United States.” says Paul Bates, “We are focussed on becoming local parking vendors, with a presence in established and emerging markets in the US. The Seattle Metro is one such market and some great projects are being equipped with our systems. We are seeing the full range of high-density parking systems being utilized. Each project has unique requirements and variables that determine the best high-density parking system to reduce their parking footprint, reduce construction costs and schedule, and give back valuable space for development. PARKPLUS has expanded their Pacific Northwest representation, employing an Area Manager with mechanical engineering, automation and robotics experience to grow the market.”