Across the United States, car collectors are seeking cost effective ways to store and maintain their vehicles. Many facilities exist to meet these needs and many more are emerging, often going above and beyond simple storage needs. Do your cars need a car condo? Because there are many available for purchase. How about a storage facility that includes a social club, detailing services, and administrative services (good-bye DMV)? Whether it is simply storage or a place with greater offerings, these facilities are increasingly recognizing the benefits of car stackers and parking lifts.


PARKPLUS Custom Display

In a custom project for a private collector in Florida, PARKPLUS Suspended Platforms were modified with corner columns and extended beams so stored vehicles were positioned centrally, with the mechanical components hidden in a suspended ceiling to give a floating effect. The platforms can also be raised out of the way to make space for other use. The system is equipped with additional safety sensors and features for maximum safety in a private household setting.


PARKPLUS Quad Stackers

Alternative Car Storage in Bergen County, New Jersey, is an elite car storage facility equipped with 10 indoor PARKPLUS QP1000 Quad Stackers which provide 40 storage spaces equipped with battery tenders, rubber tire pads for tire protection and electric vehicle charging, with additional features for harnessing car parts, tires and boat accessories.


Otto Car Club in Scottsdale, Arizona offers an exclusive social club with 32,000 square feet of column free space for vehicle storage and collection management. The facility incorporates private club space, climate-controlled car storage and a dedicated staff to care for the vehicles. OTTO offers different types of storage options, including their Stacker Suites which include 26 PARKPLUS Triple Stackers, providing 78 storage spaces: “the multi-level vehicle stackers at OTTO are located in the main collection area which is access-controlled, air conditioned, carbon monoxide protected, and monitored on a 24/7 basis. Stacker suites can accommodate almost any type of vehicle. Vehicles stored on the stackers are connected to trickle chargers at all times.”


Another facility, also located in Scottsdale, is The Vault of Scottsdale, a 16,000 square foot facility that can accommodate 60-70 vehicles. The Vault is a facility for car enthusiasts to store, customize, and care for their vehicles. Like OTTO, the Vault offers Stacker Suites which include 10 PARKPLUS Triple Stackers providing 30 storage spaces: “​​Our Multi Level Stacker Suites are located in the main storage area, which is access-controlled, air-conditioned, Fire, Carbon monoxide, and security monitored on a 24/7 basis.”


In Playa Vista, California, Westside Collector Car Storage (WCCS), an 11,000 square foot, 140-car indoor storage facility within a few miles of LAX, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. WCCS was developed by car collector and automotive journalist Matt Farah, well known for his YouTube channel, The Smoking Tire. The 18 PARKPLUS QP1000 Quad Stackers, constructed with LA-certified high strength steel and full-tray galvanized steel platforms, store 100 cars. Each level of the stackers features fire suppression and 110v power for battery tending. The Quad Stackers are powered by 20HP electric motors and integrated hydraulic pumps.

As car collector storage businesses recognize the value of mechanical parking lifts, several more car collector facilities are in design and planning stages with PARKPLUS double, triple and quad stackers included.


PARKPLUS is the leading provider of Automated and Mechanical Stacked Parking Systems. Established in Queens, New York in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs, & services multi-level mechanical car stackers and automated parking garages throughout the United States.

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