PARKPLUS is the leading provider of Automated and Mechanical parking systems in North America. Over 25,000 PARKPLUS mechanical vehicle stackers are installed in New York Metro and the 6th automated parking project has just broken ground. This huge inventory of PARKPLUS customers and products require a 24-7/365 call-out service that provides proficient service and superior maintenance on all registered equipment.

The Service Department function is two-fold, providing quarterly or bi-annual preventative service and maintenance, including parts and labor, as provided in the equipment 12-month warranty, and thereafter by means of a Service and Maintenance contract which includes the dual function of providing immediate assistance should problems or breakdowns occur.

The growth of the business has seen the appointment of a new department head with significant experience managing the inspection, service and maintenance of over 40,000 elevators in the New York City area. “Our customers recognize the importance of OEM-trained technicians working on their machines. Because PARKPLUS designs and engineers all of its products, our technicians have the depth and level of product understating to immediately troubleshoot, diagnose and repair equipment on-site when required, thereby reducing equipment downtime” says James Slater, new Service Manager for PARKPLUS.

Established in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, installs and maintains patented solutions for mechanical car stackers, automated robotic vehicle storage systems, and display units. PARKPLUS provides complete service across every project, employing professional full-time staff dedicated to design, manufacturing, installation and support. PARKPLUS has unparalleled experience in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects.

James Slater
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