In late 2016 the PARKPLUS Florida office moved into a new space with over 15,000 square feet to accommodate the growth of the business. The space includes an office, warehouse and an outdoor yard.

The office has a full turnkey offering with in-house Professional, Structural and Design Engineering, Architectural and Project Management expertise. The Vice President of Operations handles all installations and service. This expertise gives the Florida office the capacity to design around client needs and accommodate frequent calls to do unique designs. The warehouse builds their own electrical panels in-house to all local code requirements. The facility also gives clients with tight sites the option of having their equipment staged off-site and transported to them pre-staged and assembled.

The office has a full order book for 2017 and by the end of the year every product line that PARKPLUS offers will be in operation. This includes Automated, Semi-Automated and Mechanical parking solutions.

The stacker business is busy and includes some major jobs with large developers. A national developer in the region has standardized on PARKPLUS equipment on all projects that require parking solutions. The stackers are largely being included in residential and mixed-use developments and their implementation frees up more space for higher revenue-generating activities and development.

2 large fully automated systems are being installed during the year: In Sunny Isles, a 209 space Rack and Rail system that goes up 27 levels to 200 feet; In Fort Lauderdale a 221 space AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) system.

As space becomes more valuable in Miami, the trend towards automated parking in high-end residential is expected to continue.

A wholly owned subsidiary of PARKPLUS Inc., PARKPLUS Florida is a self-sufficient turnkey operation with activity predominantly in South Florida but expanding horizons to surrounding states.

Established in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, installs and maintains patented solutions for mechanical car stackers, automated robotic vehicle storage systems, and display units. PARKPLUS provides complete service across every project, employing professional full-time staff dedicated to design, manufacturing, installation and support. PARKPLUS has unparalleled experience in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects.