PARKPLUS continues to monitor developments with the Coronavirus pandemic, and how this impacts our staff and our customers. Where applicable, we are following all federal, state and OSHA guidelines pertaining to the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus presents very serious labor availability issues, particularly as quarantines are formally and informally imposed. In addition to the impact on labor, the Coronavirus has resulted in international and domestic travel restrictions, international plant closings, supply chain issues, late or suspended material shipments, and domestic project interruptions caused by a combination of these issues. As we continue to monitor this unprecedented situation, PARKPLUS is taking all reasonable steps and actions to prevent and mitigate these impacts.

In the meantime, PARKPLUS continues to progress work on our Projects to the fullest extent possible under the extraordinary circumstances we are now confronting.

Additionally, PARKPLUS has reached out to New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts State Governors, offering to repurpose our New Jersey manufacturing facilities for production of hospital beds and other equipment, if required. We stand ready to serve our country during this crisis.

In over 50 years in business we have weathered several storms, and look forward to coming out of this and resuming business as usual, stronger and having protected our staff, customers and projects.

Paul Bates, Group President