The Woodlands is located on the Interstate 45 in Texas. It’s an up and coming commercial area, with many companies re-locating to it from the North. As part of their expansion out of Louisiana, Dream Motors LLC purchased 6.5 acres of land in The Woodlands, right alongside the I45, to set up a brand new Mercedes Benz dealership.

PARKPLUS was briefed to provide a car display unit that would capitalize on the flow of traffic on the I45. A DL100 Display Unit was custom designed and engineered for this project and was mounted in a jewel box on the roof of the showroom.

One of the project’s challenges was allowing for changing of vehicles in the Display Unit whilst also ensuring the safety of customers in the showroom below. This involved working and coordinating with an industrial hydraulics company to install a hydraulic finger grid safety system.

The end result is a beautiful display unit that showcases the dealership’s cars to hundreds thousands of I45 commuters. PARKPLUS is working with the owner on several new Display Unit projects.

Established in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, installs and maintains patented solutions for mechanical car stackers, automated robotic vehicle storage systems, and display units. PARKPLUS provides complete service across every project, employing professional full-time staff dedicated to design, manufacturing, installation and support. PARKPLUS has unparalleled experience in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects.

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