PARKPLUS was briefed by Silver Star Motors to help solve their parking and vehicle storage challenges at their Mercedes Benz dealership in Long Island, NYC. This particular dealership operated an off-site surface lot for inventory, service vehicles and lease returns. Special requirements included a solution that would increase vehicle storage capacity, accommodate oversized vans, protect vehicles from water and free up extra space.

34 Quad Stackers were installed to increase the capacity of the lot. Silver Star Motors has the largest local sales inventory of Sprinter vans in New York City. For this reason, the Quads were custom designed and engineered so that the grade level spaces could accept the vans whilst accommodating SUV models above – the height range was increased by over 3 ft. In a PARKPLUS first, a roof, gutters and leaders were also custom-built and added to the installation.

In addition to the increased capacity and parking improvement, Silver Star Motors are planning to install a state of the art enclosed car wash on site as a result of the extra space that has become available. The roof, gutters and leaders help protect vehicles and minimize water damage and run-off, protecting the cars from NYC’s diverse and changing weather elements.

“This installation is not a typical stock unit, we had to re-design and accommodate for the over-size vehicles on-grade. The roof challenge was also a PARKPLUS first,”  said Michael Beck, Vice President of Sales.