The implementation of sustainable parking through automated or mechanical parking solutions has significant environmental benefits including a greatly reduced carbon footprint. Other benefits include:

Reduced Pollution and Waste

–  Vehicle engines are turned off during storage and retrieval which reduces emissions by up to 80%
–  Smaller footprint reduces need for excavation, reducing cost and construction schedule and therefore waste
–  Constructed from standardized offsite constructed units with minimal waste
–  Robust design and construction – minimum parts changing

Reduced Energy Consumption

–  Minimal lighting
–  Reduced ventilation requirements
–  Reduced passenger lift requirements
–  Energy efficient automated machinery
–  Reduced barrier control, pay station, lift and fire alarm requirements
–  Renewable energy options – solar and wind
–  Electric vehicle charging option on car pallets
–  Preferred parking for car share and low emission vehicles

Environment Friendly Materials

–  High level of recycled material content in steel used (Systems can be easily recycled at the end of life span)
–  Responsibly sourced materials, electrical and hydraulic systems.
–  Regionally sourced (AGV)
–  Vegetable oil

Water Efficient

–  Reduces water pollution risks through the use of oil interceptors
–  Minimizes local flood impacts through reduced runoff velocity
–  Stormwater mitigation measures are commonly integrated into project design

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