America’s Tallest Automated Parking System

One of the world’s tallest fully-automated parking systems makes life more convenient for residents of the Muse, a new luxury high-rise condominium in Sunny Isles, Florida. The 26-floor system, installed and maintained by PARKPLUS, can handle 208 vehicles, which are parked and retrieved completely automatically without a driver.

“This system is not just one of the world’s tallest of its kind,” explains Gary Astrup, CEO of PARKPLUS Florida, “It represents the cutting edge of automated high-density parking technology. In a setting like the Muse, it offers convenience and efficiency. In an urban center, where as many as half the cars on the street are searching for parking, it could provide relief from the traffic problem that is congesting many cities.”

Muse Residences, Sunny Isles Beach Florida

The Muse is a tall, elegantly slender structure, 52 stories high but only 60 feet wide. The building features residences that span the entire width of a floor. Traditionally, many high-rise buildings allocate lower floors to parking. This approach would have reduced the number of high-yielding ocean-view apartments in the Muse. The beach-front of the Muse is entirely residential, with the automated parking system running up the back of the first 26 floors of the building. With eight parking spaces per floor, the system can park 208 vehicles for the 68 residences in the development.

Vertical Automated Parking Solution

Ryan Shear, principal of PMG, developer of the Muse, preferred elevated parking to avoid the likelihood of subterranean flooding in a building so close to the ocean. “We decided vertical was the better solution,” Shear recalls, “robotic parking was a better play for this piece, the technology would be beneficial to the project.” Due to the narrow limitation of the building, conventional drive-in parking would not have been able to serve nearly as many cars.

Lift shaft of PARKPLUS automated parking system in Florida

Lift shaft of PARKPLUS Automated Parking system in Florida

When a resident comes home, the car is handed to a valet, who drives it into one of the two loading bays. From there on, the parking process is entirely automated. The car is then transported by the rack and rail system to an available space on one of the twenty-six floors. The system measures each car using sensors, to assign the car an appropriate-sized parking space.

Parking and retrieval of vehicles takes between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on location and system availability. Residents can use a mobile phone app to request their car a few minutes in advance, and have the car ready and waiting.

PARKPLUS Fully Automated Parking system

A view up the lift shaft of the PARKPLUS Fully Automated Parking system at the Muse in Sunny Isles, Florida. At 26 levels and 208 spaces, it is the largest system of its kind in the world.

Residents of the Muse are happy with the system, Shear reports. By maximizing the available room with automated high-density parking, there are enough spaces for several cars per unit, including the occasional guest. Cars can be parked and accessed much faster than driving up or down 26 floors.

The Muse automated parking system is a flagship project for PARKPLUS, and is representative of high density parking systems becoming more prevalent on the Florida coastline and in the United States.